You would think that government leaders would have learned a lesson by now.

One of the biggest of biggest “red flags” is the non-disclosure agreements. Any time you get involved in a contract that legally forces you to keep a secret, it is bound to give you headaches down the road when it is discovered that you are keeping secrets from those who elected you.

Those who elected you are not stupid. If you try to tell them that you were not able to tell them about it due to legalities, you are basically telling them that you think they are stupid.

Transparency in government is the goal and a non-disclosure agreement is a workaround that goal of transparency.

Those who live in West Jordan should be very angry at the attempt of their leaders to pull the wool over their sleepy eyes. (“West Jordan approves a $1.6M incentive deal for a secret corporate newcomer, code-named ‘Lonestar,’” Tribune, Aug. 16)

Amazon is angry for the leak? I am simply amazed that this could still happen.

I have no idea if Amazon will be good or bad for West Jordan. It may be the best thing ever. But the fact that skullduggery was used to get it here is reprehensible and I don’t even live in West Jordan.

And so it goes.

Robert Hawke, Lehi