In your Wednesday front page story, “Romney, Stewart and Curtis back ‘red flag’ laws,” Rep. Chris Stewart said: ”For two years, I have supported legislation that would have taken weapons out of the hands of those who are mentally incompetent.”

Perhaps the report should have mentioned that on Feb. 2, 2017, Stewart did exactly the opposite by voting “yes” to a bill co-sponsored by Reps. Rob Bishop and Mia Love to remove all gun restrictions on people deemed mentally incompetent by the Social Security Administration (H.J.Res.40). He literally made it easier for a mentally ill person to get a gun.

The reporter in that story should have mentioned this fact and called out his so obviously pandering, manipulative and misleading statement. Even a dead fish can go with the flow when it’s politically expedient.

In the end, Stewart has a 93% rating from the National Rifle Association, and they fund his campaign. Let’s not forget that.

Diane Walker, Salt Lake City