In Rep. Chris Stewart’s continuing rants about “socialism,” he seems to forget five words: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland.

Interestingly, these countries continually are listed among the top 10 nations in citizen happiness, health and well-being. These nations have become “social investment states,” where spending on education, health care and other social services are viewed not as expenses that drag down the economy, but as investments that eventually pay great dividends for society and its citizens as a whole.

Stewart’s attempt to equate Soviet-style communism as “a new fearful socialism” in his recent pieces is tedious at best, distorted at worst, and indicates complete ignorance of current worldwide political realities.

He really should be spending his time and our taxpayer dollars on something productive, like reducing taxes for the middle class, a comprehensive health care program for everyone or working to get a comprehensive immigration policy, for instance.

It is truly time for him to put country over party.

William Miller, Salt Lake City