I am outraged by the nasty attack of Donald Trump directed at Rep. Elijah Cummings.

Cummings has served his district well and is universally respected.

People have the right to disagree. But Trump’s attacks are nasty and disgusting. They are directed at people who disagree with him. It infuriates me that the Republican Party leaders enable the behavior.

What is also apparent is that the use of the words “rat-infested” and “crime-infested” is generally directed at people of color.

I call on the members of the Utah delegation in Washington to quit dancing around the issue and condemn this behavior once and for all. They need to call on all members of the House and Senate to demand it stop.

They flaunt their Utah values and their religion aggressively when they run for election.

Mitt Romney especially, as a former candidate for president, you know this behavior is childish and needs to stop.

Nicknames and insults have no place in government.

Kevin M Sillito, West Valley City