I am currently pacing through my house in disbelief. I finally got a chance to read Leonard Pitts' column from the July 7 Salt Lake Tribune.

As I began to read, I assumed Pitts was telling a story of someone to make a point for his column. When I realized that he was the story, and that he had been put in a position that frequently results in death by police shooting, I felt terrified and sick.

Leonard Pitts and George Pyle are my favorite editorialists. They have the courage to say what many of us think which relieves a great deal of stress in our lives.

The person who is responsible for this swatting incident did so with the intent to kill. This was no joke, but in his mind a "police for hire" hit. The caller assumed that a black "accused killer" in front of a police officer would suffer death by firing squad.

And this amoral supremacist-thinking person will probably do it again. I hope the police track him down and charge him with attempted murder before he is successful.

Beverly Terry, Salt Lake City