Thank you Salt Lake Tribune, for your brave editorial declaring that these migrant children are placed in what are indeed concentration camps.

There is a great controversy about the terminology of the proper term for these places. Since we gratefully agree I won't belabor the point. I am particularly grateful to you for calling upon your state’s most prominent politicians to fight this horrible imprisonment and for humane treatment of these children.

I am a child of concentration/death camp survivors and this situation is particularly painful to me.

I hope and pray that more newspapers and public figures rise up to make their voices heard. It is very rare that President Trump backs down from a policy that he carries out but it does happen when there is a great enough outcry.

Let us keep protesting this atrocity and stop it as soon as possible so that these traumatized children will have a chance to repair and have a normal life.

Howard Scheinberg, Bronx, New York