Your article on Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupsi’s criticism of the City Council at the recent inland port meeting missed one important point.

In the meeting, the mayor explained that the council members have privately agreed to vote and speak as a “block” on issues of great importance, even when the interests of the various districts don’t align.

In recent months, a civics organization I belong to tried to contact our council members repeatedly about an urgent matter, only to be ignored. Eventually, after weeks of waiting and complaining, we each received identical form letters that largely ignored our concerns and gave a logically absurd response.

On hearing the mayor’s statement, I finally understood. The council has formed an undemocratic, “at-large” cabal that gives them the cover of collective action when they ignore their own constituents’ interests.

A recent letter complained about Charlie Luke’s conflicts as a threat to good government, and I believe that this is another example of him and the council he leads abdicating their responsibility in this regard.

I don’t agree with the current mayor on much, but wholeheartedly agree that the entire council needs to be held accountable. It’s time to high-grade our government and vote them all out.

Joseph Riddle, Salt Lake City