I have been a volunteer at the Utah Arts Festival for many years; however, last year was the first time working in a wine/beer booth.

The booths have a table with huge jars labeled “TIPS” on them, so customers put dollars in as tips for servers. But staff come around and collect the monies, stating they are “for the festival.” Who knows who actually pockets the money? Furthermore, if it is for the festival, why not just label them as such? I believe they know if the public thinks they’re giving tips they’ll give more.

I see that the festival powers-that-be want to continue this deceit.

Last year I complained about this practice, stating it needed to be changed. This year it’s the same.

People I’ve told are appalled. I’m appalled. Can they legally do this? Ethically, they don’t seem to have a problem with it.

Suzann Withers, Salt Lake City