Many seem dumbfounded that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ostensibly hopes to tamp down calls to impeach President Trump. Trump shows a shameless contempt for the basic tenets of Congress’s duties of executive oversight and seemingly will do anything to obstruct investigations into his administration. Their confusion is completely warranted.

But Pelosi must oversee a caucus where many of her members come from districts which frankly, should belong to the GOP. Politically speaking, Pelosi must realize that moderate members of her caucus worry that impeachment could spell doom for their congressional career.

Rep. Ben McAdams, D-Utah, fits this description. Besides his assuredly genuine desire to reflect the will of voters, the congressman no doubt contemplates his reelection chances. No matter how genuine a desire to serve, all humans are self-interested beings, especially when it comes to earning greater status and power.

Knowing this, I want to implore the congressman to signal his willingness to begin the impeachment of this morally bankrupt president. The Constitution is under endless assault by Trump and his sycophantic cronies each day, and the congressman must realize that there are far more important things than winning reelection. Sacrificing his own interests now may save us from the consequences to come.

Clay Marsh, Arlington, Va.