Throughout history, men have risen to prominence, power and riches through charisma and promising a better future. President Donald Trump is the latest in a long line that includes Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Sadam Hussein.

Trump dominates American daily life through his tweets, television coverage and using derogatory labels for his opponents — “Sleepy” Joe Biden, “Crooked” Hilary, “Crazy” Bernie, “Pocahontas,” “Rocket Man” — who get much less TV coverage and hence appear weaker.

He is a master of the lie and the damn lie — but not of statistics. More than 10,000 lies to date. Some are so egregious that it’s not clear if he knows they are lies or just knows that Fox News will air them as truth.

  • “China and Mexico will pay the new tariffs.” Actually, Americans will. And some experts project that they will cut economic growth by 1% and cost 400,000 American jobs.
  • On his London visit, he claims “lots of enthusiastic supporters.” The truth is that there were several hundred thousand protesters in America’s strongest ally.
  • He claims, “I am a great negotiator!” So why has his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, the TPP, NAFTA, the Iran deal and the Nuclear Forces Treaty failed to sway the other signers?

And why will he not release his tax returns?

Trump is simply a con man. The sooner he is run out of town the better for America and the world.

Frank Fish, Park City