Letter: Cartoon shows disrespect for fallen warriors

(Pat Bagley | The Salt Lake Tribune) This cartoon, titled “Memorial Day 2019,” appears in the Salt Lake Tribune on Sunday, May 26, 2019.

I was appalled when I saw the May 26 cartoon by Pat Bagley. The outright disrespect to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to make a political statement was unconscionable.

Yes, many warriors over the years have served our nation to protect the freedoms we all enjoy, to include freedom of speech, but to post such a cartoon the day prior to Memorial Day substantiates what a liberal jerk Pat Bagley really is.

How Editorial Page Editor George Pyle and Tribune Editor Jemifer Napier-Pearce let such a disrespectful cartoon be published in the first place, gives concern as to what are the true motives of the Salt Lake Tribune.

The Tribune owes those who have lost loved ones who served our nation an apology.

Bob Fiero, Layton

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