Letter: Remember the war resisters

(Ron Frehm | AP Photo) This July 25, 1973, file photo shows Rev. Fr. Daniel Berrigan and some friends participating in a fast and vigil to protest the bombing in Cambodia, on the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. The Roman Catholic priest and Vietnam war protester, Berrigan has died. He was 94. Michael Benigno, a spokesman for the Jesuits USA Northeast Province, says Berrigan died Saturday at a Jesuit infirmary at Fordham University.

I’ll know that I’m in a more mature country when someday a highway will be dedicated to those who resisted the war machine and lost their freedoms or even life because of their conscience. Perhaps it will be named The Daniel Berrigan and Conscientious Objectors Highway. In another universe it could even happen in Utah.

Jeffrey Louden, Park City

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