Donald Trump wants to be a dictator. Some of his moves:

1. Ingratiate yourself with the rich and screw the poor, because over 95% of elected positions go to the biggest spender. Pander to the religious, while regularly breaking most of the 10 Commandments.

2. Dominate public communications, creating the impression of a dynamic leader. Anything negative — his morals, business failures, attacks on health care, climate change, his suspicious relationship with Putin, his 10,000 plus lies (to date) — are swept under the rug by new issues.

3. Conjure up a crisis then respond powerfully. In Trump’s case it’s immigration, where he claims America is “full” — despite our aging population and historically low unemployment.

4. When anything negative arises, lie to divert attention. According to Trump, Mueller exonerated him. He says 25% tariffs on imports from China will be paid by the Chinese.

It would appear that he is halfway to dictatorship. Republicans in Congress have completely lost their morals and spine. Democrats resist but are being stymied by Trump’s refusal to go along with normal congressional practices.

Putin is dancing with joy — stripped to the waist to show he is the elephant in the room.

Frank Fish, Park City