In response to the recent letter of the week, “A Trump Abecedarium,” submitted by Kristine Hansen. The historic results of Trump’s first two years in office:

A is for African American employment at an all-time low.

B is for border security and immigration. Funding for wall construction.

C is for China. Forcing fair negotiations.

D is for delivering on his promise to bring back manufacturing.

E is for ending the Iran Nuclear Deal.

F is for fighting back against the crisis next door.

G is for generic drugs. More affordable.

H is for health care. Cut the individual mandate penalty.

I is for ISIS. Defeated!

J is for Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

K is for Keystone pipeline approval.

L is for low unemployment. Below 4%.

M is for manufacturing coming back to the U.S.

N is for NATO. Allies’ spending up.

O is for optimism. Confidence in economy near 20 year high.

P is for prescriptions for opioids reduced 16%.

Q is for quality of jobs coming back.

R is for regulation reduction. Record number eliminated.

S is for stock market at record highs.

T is trade. Better deals.

U is for U.S.-Mexican trade deal.

V is for veterans. Signed the VA Accountability Act.

W is for wall. Build it!

X is for exports. Working on beef exports to China.

Y is for youth unemployment lowest in 50 years.

Z is for zero. Number of presidents who have these accomplishments.

Marci Esparza, Sandy