Letter: A Trump Abecedarium

(Evan Vucci | The Associated Press) President Donald Trump speaks during an event on medical billing in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on Thursday, May 9, 2019, in Washington.

A is for arrogant and authoritarian.

B is for bigot, braggart and bully.

C is for callous, corrupt and cruel.

D is for divisive demagogue.

E is for egotistical and erratic.

F is for faithless, feckless and fickle.

G is for grasping and greedy.

H is for hateful, heartless, hyperbolic and hypocritical.

I is for ignorant and impulsive.

J is for jejune.

K is for kleptocrat and Ku Klux Klan sympathizer.

L is for liar.

M is for misogynistic.

N is for narcissistic.

O is for obstruction of justice, according to over 700 former federal prosecutors.

P is for porn star payments to cover up an adulterous affair.

Q is for querulous.

R is for racist.

S is for sexist, shameless and spiteful.

T is for tyrannical, treaty-breaking and traitorous to our former allies and to the U.S.

U is for uncivil, unforgiving, unkind, unrepentant, unteachable, unvirtuous, etc.

V is for vain, vicious, vile and violent.

W is for witless warmongering.

X is for xenophobic.

Y is for yellow, as in a cowardly draft deferment for “bone spurs.”

Z is for zero, the score historians will give Trump in the voting for great or even good American presidents.

Kristine Hansen, Spring City

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