Thank you for your recent editorial on Utah charter schools (“Time to grow up,” May 12).

Six charter schools are often cited as among the state's best. They were started during the Michael O. Leavitt administration with the help of a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

These charter schools were referred to as high-tech high schools because of their focus on math, engineering and science. These schools had strong relationships with local school districts and with the college/universities in their respective areas.

The first school was The Academy of Math Engineering and Science (AMES) located at Cottonwood High School. Five others followed in various locations throughout Utah. These schools had open admissions, were supported by Utah public education teachers and college professors, and were governed by boards of citizen volunteers.

Not one required the use of a for-profit management company. These six charters schools have consistently had some of the highest ratings in the state, with outstanding test scores, graduation rates and college attendance rates.

Congratulations to the students, their parents, the faculty and administrative support teams for a great success story.

Richard E. Kendell, North Salt Lake