I enjoyed the “Remember Cinco de Mayo” letter to the May 5 Public Forum by Sallie R. Phelps.

When she stated that The Tribune is possibly racist for not publicizing the Mexican holiday more, it reminded me of when a buddy and I were hitchhiking across the U.S. and Canada in 1976 and found ourselves in Hope, Canada, on the Fourth of July.

When we asked where all the Fourth of July celebrations were, we were told that we were in Canada and it is not a Canadian holiday. It is a U.S. holiday and is not celebrated in Canada.

So, I was thinking that if we started to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and, possibly, other Mexican holidays, what about other countries’ holidays?

There are a lot of immigrants from other countries living in the U.S. It would not be politically correct, and possibly even be considered racist, not to celebrate the national holidays of their countries of origin.

With all these celebrations, we could have a holiday every day of the year!

Jeff Wickman, Eagle Mountain