The National Rifle Association, representing only an extreme minority, has stolen the right of gun regulation from Utah citizens. A 90% majority, including gun owners, and 74% of NRA members, favor a universal background check, which, of course, NRA leaders and Republican legislators reject.

The NRA-dominated GOP violates authentic democracy by refusing to honor the will of the majority.

The NRA has been the most powerful lobby in the nation and operates like the mafia.

  1. It is greed-driven and makes up its own rules.
  2. It funds and controls GOP politicians who fear its power.
  3. It demands total loyalty or promises significant retribution.
  4. It threatens and bullies opponents.
  5. It creates a life-threatening environment.

The NRA places gun rights ahead of human life, and the result is 40,000 killed last year. Its record includes three decades of a gun violence epidemic.

Despite many decent members, the NRA by any measure is a despicable organization because of its leaders. It is a curse to the nation and along with GOP legislators is complicit in a scandalous death toll.

Gun violence will continue until Utans wake up and reject those who make Utah and the nation a dangerous place to live.

Ron Molen, Salt Lake City