I never expected to have anything positive to say about Sen. Mitt Romney, but his alleged “disgust” with Trump’s deeds, as outlined in the Mueller report, seemed to warrant rethinking my opinion.

During Romney’s campaign for the presidency, I wrote a commentary for The Salt Lake Tribune outlining examples of his financial relationships and sleazy actions through which he accumulated his wealth; a window into Romney’s true character and values.

Recently, Romney voted for the removal of sanctions against Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, an anti-America crook. Romney could have joined 11 Republicans who voted against this, yet he stood with Trump.

Romney, like most Republicans, stands by while Trump trashes our Constitution and laws.

We are well on the way of losing our democracy unless Democrats and Republicans join in to stop Trump, a liar and an embarrassment. He divides us and alienates our allies. Trump’s goal is an authoritarian dictatorship like those of his revered buddies in North Korea, Russia, China, Turkey and Brazil. His Washington, D.C., hotel and Mar a Lago resort in Florida are full of eager foreigners, happy to fill his pockets for favors.

We desperately need leaders from both parties to stop Trump before it is too late. Unfortunately, Romney is no statesman.

Maria Roberts, Park City