Sen. Elizabeth Warren is right. Impeaching this president is no longer just about stopping him; it is a matter of principle. It is about our future.

If Congress now refuses to take action against the man who welcomed the interference of a hostile foreign power in our elections, we will never recover our republic. Some of the same Democrats who wrung their hands over Republicans putting party before country are now doing it themselves in order, they say, to win the 2020 election.

Don’t get me wrong. I will vote for whomever the Democrats nominate in 2020, because I believe that stopping a corrupt and incompetent madman is paramount. But if the current members of Congress, regardless of party affiliation, refuse to do their duty because they fear they can’t win, then our republic is already lost.

The signers of the Declaration of Independence didn’t decide they’d better not do that because they couldn’t win.

Tammy Hinckley, Salt Lake City