Even casual observation of the radical rantings of extant leftist presidential candidates, now the dominant voice of the Democrat party, is quite instructive.

The ceaseless attempt to germinate wholesale victimization isn’t sufficient. Blatant, calculated subversion of the Constitution and radical legal manipulation is their prescription for coercive control.

These domestic enemies of freedom are not naïve to the clearly intended balance of powers the Founding Fathers framed into the constitution to protect the people from government. Their leftist platforms are specifically designed to ensure that ultimate power is only held by the few, the enlightened, the elite, the ruling class.

Their seductively crafted deceptions are dog whistles: elimination of the Electoral College, restructuring the Supreme Court, clouding the distinction between legal and illegal immigration, the redefinition of constitutional rights. These are all positions calculated as to appear to “give power to the people.”’ But ultimately their agenda destroys freedom, exonerates individual responsibility and promotes government dependency.

Despite the disgust that the productive American majority has for socialism, it only has a voice because it is perpetually promoted by the left’s public relations arm, the narrative-driven and complicit dominant media apparatus.

Doug Roper, Sandy