Soon, Utah will be able to designate its own state monuments with the passage of HB14. This is the third time the bill has come before the state Legislature, and while I am a staunch supporter of preserving our lands and heritage sites, there are questions that remain unanswered.

Specifically, what happens with the natural resources under the land? This issue is not addressed in HB14 and it leaves open the possibility that the state may in future instances, take advantage of this loophole for the short-sighted endeavor of profiting from the natural resources.

If the intent of the bill is going to be upheld and areas protected for their geographic beauty and cultural importance, then we as Utahns need to hold our representatives accountable to this in the future.

Utah is an amazing state with so much beauty; I hope we can protect more of it for future generations.

Kasandra Lundquist, Salt Lake City