Thanks to Robert Gehrke for pointing out the many reasons why political involvement by the predominant religion is not out of the ordinary in a state like Utah.

Having recognized that, those who belong to this church, and all other churches, should actively be contacting their church officials regarding HB220, the bill to allow EnergySolutions to bring hotter, more eternally toxic radioactive waste to Utah. This could literally be a matter of life or death for some Utahns.

It’s not Utah’s waste. It’s not our responsibility to store it. We don’t know if it can be safely shipped and stored. It is not in the best interests of 99 percent of Utahns.

Only two industries in Utah will benefit from HB220: EnergySolutions and Utah state legislators who take campaign money from EnergySolutions. Utah citizens have been fighting this fight for decades.

Please contact your state senators, the governor and your church leaders to work together to defeat this bill for the sake of our state, our families and our health and well-being.

Hasn’t Utah experienced enough devastation from nuclear experimentation? Ask yourselves why our legislators would even consider this proposal.

Candace Jacobson, Provo