I just returned from a Caribbean cruise that provided shore excursions to Nassau, Cozumel, Costa Maya and Key West. On every tour we were informed about what measures were being taken in an effort to save coral reefs and keep oceans clean.

During meals, if straws were offered, they were made from paper, not plastic. In fact, Celebrity Cruise ships have entered a partnership with World Wildlife Fund supporting its ocean conservation such as protecting coastal wildlife and coral reefs. A friend who recently returned from a trip to Costa Rica said that country also touted the work they were doing to achieve the same results. I left the cruise feeling happy and hopeful for the future.

So what should I see when I returned to Salt Lake? An article in The Tribune showing land bosses are trumpeting an end to the “war on coal.”

They are gloating over a long-awaited lease of a tract of land west of Bryce Canyon National Park. Such approval will assure the operation of mines for years to come. No concern is mentioned over the fact that this industry releases a disproportionate load of greenhouse gases and toxic pollution.

One wonders how much of Trump’s “American Greatness” this state and country can tolerate before there is a point of no return.

Sandra Williams, Salt Lake City