There I was, reading The Salt Lake Tribune online Wednesday, because of the snow storm, when I came to the article about state Rep. Phil Lyman and San Juan County. All I can say is now you might begin to understand how Salt Lake County has felt for years.

As a resident of Salt Lake County, my congressional representative has been from Provo. It wasn’t until this last election that we finally have a representative in the House who is actually a resident of Salt Lake County.

Even though there are now two Navajos out of three county commissioners in San Juan County, at least those two commissioners do live in that county. After a century, they now have voices to represent their needs and feelings, and high time.

We in Salt Lake County can only hope that someday soon the gerrymandering that resulted in no voice for Salt Lake City residents will end. Hopefully with the new census, and a committee to determine boundaries of voting districts apart from the Legislature, our votes will finally count.

Representative government needs to truly be representative, and I’m so glad they now have it in San Juan County. I would think that more people will continue to vote when they feel their vote actually counts.

Pat Draper, Holladay