As per the norm, Robert Gehrke’s Feb. 6 article, “Lawmakers warn Medicaid busted other state budgets, but has it really?” was very well written and researched. But logic and facts are of little use when trying to stop passage of SB96.

Instead, we need to appeal to the petty, vindictive and mean-spirited impulses of the supermajority (the Supers) on Capitol Hill, as these impulses appear to dominate most of their decision making.

Let’s keep this between us compassionate, rational folks and not share our strategy with the Supers, but I think we can get them to support Prop 3, so here’s the plan:

First, we tell them that supporting Prop 3 actually further weakens the Prop 2 (medical marijuana) supporters and will help rid them of pesky lawsuits and those meddling kids. Basically, passage of Prop 3 will allow the dope-smoking-godless-progressives of Salt Lake City to use their newly acquired medical insurance to visit with a mental health/addiction specialists who will inform them that sitting around smoking pot and playing Xbox all day is not a productive use of their time. In fact, they may even direct the Prop 2ers to head for the new inland port and apply for a minimum wage job (win/win).

Second, we tell the Supers that Prop 3 hurts the pro-choice movement. We can now force the disadvantaged to accept preventive/proactive medical care, which then reduces their “choice” of which emergency room to visit when their health suddenly deteriorates.

Lastly, we tell the Supers that Prop 3 helps the coal industry because we will put a lump of coal in the Christmas stockings of the 47 percent (you know, not the majority of voters) who voted against Prop 3.

If all these tactics fail, then buy the Supers some Jazz tickets and hire their family members as lobbyists for Utah Decides. SB96 defeated.

Scott Fenwick, Salt Lake City