Letter: Thanks for warning us about future of Lake Powell

(Brian Maffly | The Salt Lake Tribune) Sediments deposited by the Colorado River into the bed of the now receded Lake Powell in Hite, Utah. This picture, taken on Nov. 28, 2018, shows where the Dirty Devil River and Colorado River come together.

What a magnificent summary Brian Maffly gave us today in the Jan. 20 Salt Lake Tribune (“Lake Powell could become a ‘dead pool’ as climate change, political wars and unabated growth drain its waters”). Several actions are appropriate for use of this wonderful piece of research and writing.

First, it needs to be circulated throughout the American Southwest, picked up by major newspapers and other publications.

Second, Maffly should be supported in the writing of longer articles, and possibly even a book, about this exact subject, before it becomes a true state of emergency. It’s entirely possible that a book-length treatise is necessary in order to save our multistate society from perishing in upcoming years, particularly here in Utah, which seems headed toward becoming the most rapidly growing state in the region.

In any case, thank you very, very much for publishing this wonderful summary of a major portion of our water future.

And thanks to Brian Maffly for keeping his keen eye on the ball.

Ivan Weber, Salt Lake City

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