I have a drug problem. I used it for the first 10 years that I taught school just to make it through the day. I finally managed to get off it, only to take it up again last year.

As Marty Bernstein noted in The Tribune’s Jan. 13 opinion section, “There is no known cure for addiction.”

Like me, many addicts long for another hit.

Here is a novel idea. Why not just give addicts the drug they crave?

It can be administered under medical supervision in a clinic. The first such clinic was opened in Vancouver in 2003.

“This is just one treatment for a chronic, manageable illness — just like diabetes or high blood pressure,” said Scott MacDonald, Crosstown Clinic’s lead doctor. “[Prescription heroin] is a life-saving intervention for a small number of folks with a chronic, manageable illness that haven’t responded to anything else.”

The benefits to society are obvious — fewer deaths from overdoses, no more drug war casualties, reduction in crime, safer streets. Addicts don’t have to hustle for drugs, which means they can go to work and take care of their families.

By the way, I am currently off of my drug of choice: Diet Coke.

Sherri Park, West Jordan