Over the past six months, I have read opinion after opinion about the scooters here in town. We all have seen people riding these things with a blatant disregard for safety by riding them on the sidewalk, riding with two people (poor scooter) and running through countless red lights and stop signs.

Two complaints:

  1. People who ride them should get off the sidewalk, wear a helmet and obey traffic laws! Your disregard for safety gives the opponents great arguments to ban these things. Riding Jordan River Parkway gets you north/south across the city and we have great bicycle lanes. You should use these assets. By doing this, the city will be encouraged to improve the bicycle infrastructure.
  2. There simply are not enough scooters in town, especially on the west side. I always have to walk numerous blocks to get a hold of a scooter. If by next spring I don’t see more scooters in this city, especially on the west side, I will simply buy my own.

I may look ridiculous with my bright green riding jacket and helmet, but I would like to keep my head intact in case something happens. These scooters are a great, cheap and clean transportation option. We must find a way to coexist with them.

Mike Peterson, Salt Lake City