President Donald Trump's manufactured and fake immigrant crisis, along with the closing of the U.S. government to create a real emergency and falsely blaming that emergency on immigrants and the opposition — the Democrats — is just Putin/Trump/filthy-rich/GOP's version of Hitler's Reichstag fire.

This would require the traitorous Nazi-Mafia GOP majority on the U.S. Supreme Court to falsely uphold Trump's declaration of an emergency as fact-based and legal, as well as Trump's subsequent declaration of martial law.

I am certain that Trump et al. already have an agreement with these Supreme Court members to do exactly that. This will give Trump, and thereby his boss Putin, absolute control within the U.S.

The result will be a fully Nazi-Mafia U.S. government exactly akin to Nazi Germany under Hitler. The result will be systematic and escalating witch hunts and "purges" of critics and opponents, the elimination of those in expanding designated scapegoat classes — including the use of concentration camps, mass murder, genocide and another Holocaust, and World War III.

This, along with already occurring and rapidly escalating life-destroying man-made climate change and its consequences, will result in the end of all decent human society, then the extinction of the human species and all life on Earth.

There is no life after death. No heaven or hell of any kind — except the hell on Earth for those still alive until they die. No "Savior" coming to save anyone. No "Rapture." Just a dead planet Earth.

But if I'm wrong, and there is a personal god or gods who bother with human behavior, those of you who are helping or just allowing this destruction of "Creation" without opposition to happen will be justly sent to hell — whatever that actually is — for all eternity. Or better yet, the end of you forever when all those who resist this evil, including resisting you, will be the ones who get all the after-life benefits.

Stuart McDonald, Salt Lake City