Two Jazz tickets. It's our splurge, our entertainment, our getaway. Two tickets that have been in our family since the Salt Palace days.

We aren't a business or a corporation. We are just two lowly Jazz fans out to support the team. Two middle-class (or lower-middle-class) people, a retired schoolteacher and a retired bus driver, just out for some fun. Now, we are priced out of our seats.

We could have taken a hit of a dollar or two a seat, but this? Do we care if other stadiums charge more? No! Do we care if other sporting events in Utah charge more? No!

We are going to miss listening to who is singing or playing the national anthem. We are going to miss viewing the crazy Jazz fans on the Jumbotron. We are going to miss deciding whether to share a bowl of ice cream or just eat our own. We are going to miss the often lame halftime entertainment. We are going to miss watching for Gail Miller's head, down below us. We are going to miss watching for the fake Jazz bear peeking around our corner.

We are also going to miss Thayne, our usher. It's not going to be the same sitting home on our couch. Sad days for Jazz fans. Go, Utah Jazz, without us.

P.S. We're still trying to wrap our head around the $5.25 charge for water!

Julie Wilkin, West Valley City