I was much disturbed as I read the article in the Dec. 2 Tribune describing the urging of a former speaker of the Utah House of Representatives, Marty Stephens, to "follow the prophet" (as he would do), not necessarily "follow the Constitution," nor "respect the will of the people" (even if their preference is numbered in the millions), but rather, “the prophet” — just one man, but one man with tremendous power and influence.

This caused me to wonder if that was also Stephens' position when he served as a representative of the people. Or was he even then primarily a lackey for the church? And does that hold true for so-called representatives of the people today? I strongly suspect that it does, particularly with some individuals.

Is it any wonder, then, that I and others hold the Republican Party (which at one time I held in such high esteem) and its close relationship with the LDS Church (of which I am still a member) with such disdain because of the obvious cohabitation that is taking place between the two?

Many of my new friends and neighbors, who have in recent years migrated from other cultures and climes to this location, are very disturbed and offended by the power of “the church” and the one-party system that currently exists in this state.

And, no, they don't have to go back to where they came from. I happen to like having them here.

Frank Slater, St. George