It was with some trepidation that I received the Thanksgiving issue of the Salt Lake Tribune. It is predictably the heaviest and largest issue of the paper every year replete with advertisements, which I predictably immediately recycle.

This year, however, as I was perusing the Sports section, I discovered a full-page ad for Impact Guns (on B3). There were 60 weapons advertised along with their prices and on the lower right corner of the page was a chance to win a SIG365. According to Wikipedia: "The Sig Sauer, Inc. P365 is a compact polymer frame handgun. The P365 replaces the P290RS (now discontinued). The P365 is a double-stack magazine 9 x 19mm Parabellum handgun rated for +P pressure,” a description only comprehensible to gun owners.

As I looked at the full-page ad, I considered the availability of the handguns (approximately half the offerings) and the potential for their use in mass shootings, which occurred all too often in the past year.

It is hardly something to be thankful for.

Louis Borgenicht, Salt Lake City