I’m hoping I’m not the only one fed up with all the state’s requests for tax hikes, the latest being Gov. Gary Herbert’s request for raising the sales tax on food to the full rate.

In the same article it says they are considering taxing services also. Health care is still being debated. Really?

You tax us on gasoline (which is going to increase), my property tax goes up each year, always while the governor and the Legislature are whining that we don't have enough money for “wiggle room” in the budget.

Instead of complaining about increased growth and the lack of funds for everything under the moon, maybe you could quit giving all the big corporations these tax breaks and then pass them on to us to make up the shortfall.

Business used to have to make it on their own or fail, but now we subsidize them. And do we really get that many jobs and revenue for the state as promised?

Sorry, I'm just tired of tax increases on everything we do in this state and also am wondering where to send the big block of cheese this year to go with the “whines.” The governor's mansion or the Legislature?

Brent Deveraux, American Fork