Letter: We should end the politics of bullying

(Manuel Balce Ceneta | The Associated Press) President Donald Trump waves after speaking to the media before leaving the White House in Washington, Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2018, to travel to Florida, where he will spend Thanksgiving at Mar-a-Lago.

I find it ironic that we are so focused on stopping bullying in schools, yet we condone it in our daily lives. We wonder why kids are prone to bully others. One reason may be because they see it every day on TV.

Political campaigns have evolved into bullying ads. The Ben McAdams vs. Mia Love campaign consisted of nonstop negative comments. Rather than promoting their own qualifications, they chose to degrade each other. Every day, for weeks, we were exposed to a barrage of TV bullying ads. We see these ads, our kids see these ads, over and over, and it’s deemed “acceptable.”

Why do we allow this type of political advertising? Candidates should promote themselves, using their qualifications. Promoting oneself by belittling others is bullying. With that in mind, what do we do with the biggest bully of all? We make him president.

Peggy Clark, Salt Lake City

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