Letter: When will Romney stand up to Trump?

(Bill Clark | CQ Roll Call via AP Images) Sen.-elect Mitt Romney, R-Utah, and his fellow incoming GOP Senators walk to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's office for a group photo-op in the Capitol on Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018.

Finally and hopefully we will soon get to know our newly elected Sen. Mitt Romney. How many years have we wanted to know the real Mitt Romney?

Is he strong, is he weak? Will we get to know him outside his “Mr. Nice Guy” persona?

Romney states, “There will be few occasions where I will be compelled, by conscience, to criticize Trump.” Romney states, “I will call them as I see them” (Salt Lake Tribune, Nov. 6).

Surely, there will be many Donald Trump opportunities that will require a response from our newly elected senator. What does Romney mean by these comments?

How will Romney respond to Trump’s bravado? What will Romney do when, with folded arms, Mussolini-style Donald Trump demands loyalty and obedience?

Rosemary A. Holt, Salt Lake City

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