This is a letter of startled disbelief. I find it unconscionable that so many of you Republicans would actually vote in favor of voter suppression! I can see a few nasty Republican leaders working for suppression in order to hang onto their coveted positions of power, but to see so many fellow citizens, friends and neighbors vote in support of voter suppression is mind-shattering.

I am talking about your vote against Proposition 4, which would form an independent commission to fairly redistrict our extremely gerrymandered state, and your vote to change the Utah Constitution to give your fire-red legislators the power to override your own Utah governor, just in case someday Utah voters elect another moderate Republican or, heaven forbid, a Democrat.

What a bunch of callous, power-hungry toadies you Republican voters have become. As a Utah Democrat, I am angry that you could not even stand up for fairness. As a Mormon, I am embarrassed at your contempt for the golden rule. So much for ministering to your neighbor. You have chosen the Trump pill and locked us into the hate matrix.

Beverly Terry, Salt Lake City