I'm always amazed at the political ads when Republicans (such as Mia Love and Mitt Romney) claim to be fiscal conservatives.

Both support the tax break for millionaires and corporations that raised our national debt by $1.9 trillion. And they claim they want to balance the budget, code for cutting Social Security and Medicare.

They say it wouldn't affect seniors getting benefits now, but future beneficiaries. It's still a transfer of wealth from the middle and lower classes to rich people and corporations. Why is it always on the backs of the middle and lower class to pony up money to balance the budget?

If Romney were serious about saving Social Security and Medicare, he would give back his tax windfall from President Donald Trump's tax breaks for rich people. He could pay FICA taxes on all of his earnings, all $22 million and not just the first $130,000.

Why do all the rich people get all the breaks? They want their money and ours, too. I think all Republicans must be rich. They don't need Social Security and Medicare or why would they vote against their own best interests?

Karl Pettigrew, Logan