Since the discovery of artificial intelligence, humanity has wanted nothing but more benefits out of it. We many times fail to realize that our hunger for advanced artificial intelligence puts us at a disadvantage in many ways.

A huge factor where artificial intelligence is taking us out is industry. We have failed to see that robots can never get tired so they can do intense labor more efficiently and they would never ask for a break. So, in industries such as warehouse jobs, many generations of human labor job are now turning into factories run by robots. That example is a bigger scale of work, but even jobs such as Walmart cashiers are slowly becoming obsolete due to inventions such as self-checkout.

We many times also fail to see that we are so dependent on AI. We overlook smaller devices that are part of AI such as cellphones and computers. How much smarter are you as a human with or without your cellphone? We humans depend so much on our phones or computers for information or daily interactions that we would be useless in many ways without them.

Nicholas Lewis, St. George