Our oldest boy asked me why I was laughing at the campaign ad we were watching for Mitt Romney on the TV. I told him I thought it was funny that one of Romney’s claims is that he will balance the budget if elected to represent Utah in Congress. He didn’t understand the humor until I explained that the last time we had a balanced budget was during the Clinton administration and that the Republicans just blew the biggest hole in the budget to give the rich and corporations a bigger advantage over the rest of us than they already have. Of course, President Donald Trump vows to give us middle class a 10 percent tax break before the election — impossible, of course, since the Congress is not in session, among other reasons.

The GOP slaughters all of us on almost every critical issue they tackle. Still, Utahns and others are more than willing to vote against their own best interest just to make sure that the despised liberals don’t participate in governing.

At least we can keep on laughing.

Joe Ure, Taylorsville