As a longtime resident in the Sugar House area, I see that it has become increasingly difficult to maneuver the streets because of ongoing reconstruction of 1300 East. I appreciate the upgrades but want to include some observations from the honorary position I maintain as a member of the "Cranky Old Men's Brigade."

Aside from the heavy machinery parked along the sides of the road, various potholes, giant asphalt cracks, bicycle riders with earbuds and constant pedestrian red light crossings at the college, there is the new complication caused by flying Limes and Birds. To make matters worse, they are mounted by young adults, seemingly indifferent to danger.

I have given up hope that they will become more responsible for their safety and have reluctantly resorted to yelling at them out of my car window, "Hey there young whippersnapper, go vote early … and often.”

Horst Holstein, Salt Lake City