As a former psychiatric nurse and rehabilitation counselor, when I saw the emotions displayed by Brett Kavanaugh on TV, I immediately recognized his acting out as a result of what we in alcohol and drug treatment centers called a “dry drunk.”

My guess is Kavanaugh has not been using alcohol while going through the confirmation process for the past several months and at this hearing he simply "lost it,” displaying withdrawal symptoms; fear, anger, frustration, blaming others for the situation he finds himself in.

This man needs help, counseling with Alcoholics Anonymous and family counseling with his family. Sens. Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee, being devout members of the LDS faith, cannot be expected to understand this classic substance abuse withdrawal behavior.

I do not see how Kavanaugh can be a Supreme Court judge while in substance abuse treatment.

President Donald Trump's 40-year-old brother died of alcoholism, so one would think Trump would be more astute, or am I asking too much of this president?

Carol A. Greely, Murray