Imagine America with air and waterways newly polluted by unbridled industrial wastes, where we can no longer enjoy our treasured national parks and other natural areas because they are all developed.

“Ah, but,” you say, “the economy is robust, and we built a wall to keep those inferior Latinos out of our country.”

Picture an America where once again young women are dying from botched back-alley abortions, because legitimate abortions are no longer legal. An America with forced patriotism, where media critical of the political establishment are banned and even nonviolent demonstrators are branded as traitors.

Imagine an America where the legislative branch lacks the spine to resist an egotistical president’s bidding, however maniacal, and these actions are rubber-stamped by a rigged Supreme Court.

This scenario is not fictional but precisely the “Make America Great Again” vision embraced by Donald Trump, his sycophantic minions and a demented base. He may even declare himself “dictator for life,” as did Julius Caesar. History tells us how the Roman Senate dealt with that but, regrettably, I cannot openly advocate the same solution.

Our only solution is to elect legislators who will stand up to Trump, and these ain’t your favorable Republicans.

Michael Wolfe, Logan