Regarding President Donald Trump and Sen. John McCain: During the 2016 campaign, our draft-dodging President “Bone Spurs” maligned John McCain, a much-respected veteran and true statesman. Now he has briefly refused to lower the American flag at the White House for this great patriot. This act again shows us that he only cares about himself and his inflated ego. He does not care one bit about this country and its people, and his repeated actions on all fronts bear this out.

What should we take away from this? Our elected Republican representatives and senators have stood shoulder to shoulder with this reprehensible egomaniac. They have aided and abetted all of his actions to dismantle our government’s system of checks and balances and expose our families to everlasting harm (e.g. deny the effects of climate change, promote the continued use of fossil fuels while reducing regulations to keep the air from being polluted, and make sure that we don’t have proper health care coverage when our we get sick). They only care about being re-elected, and their voting record reflects that they are only interested in protecting the interests of the ultra-rich and/or corporate interests that fund their campaigns. If you care about this country and your families, vote them out of office in November. It is way past time for a change that can make your lives better.

Robert Dillon, Park City