On the Aug. 3 Opinion page, The Tribune had three items that call into question President Donald Trump’s running of the Oval Office.

No. 1: Pat Bagley’s cartoon. A lot of us believe that the press, ever since Trump was elected, has sought to undermine his presidency. Bagley has, to my count, more than 150 cartoons always showing Trump as a buffoon or incompetent.

No. 2: Mr. Michael Greer’s letter to the editor (“American atrocity”). He refers to Trump’s “goons.” These men and women were only doing their job and showed compassion and understanding and certainly are not goons.

No. 3: Full quarter-page column by Mr. Ken Roach, which again states as facts things that are not true. There’s no evidence that anybody from Trump’s administration has been charged, much less convicted.

Editor Jennifer Napier-Pearce and Editorial Page Editor George Pyle are not independent, as you should be paid for by the Democrats. Sorry, but you are not an independent voice.

Bart Jacobs, South Jordan