On the first day of summer, RA-ELCO Electronics, an iconic Salt Lake City business, unfortunately burned to the ground.

This business was THE go-to center for all things electronic. The owner, Robert Gunnell, had amassed an amazing arsenal of electronic parts and systems that just could not be found anywhere else in the valley. This local business was everything that one could hope for in a home-grown company. Service was impeccable, the knowledge base of the owner and employees was beyond reproach, and the inventory was everything that an electronics fanatic could hope for in a store. Countless science projects, entrepreneurial inventions and fix-it tasks were launched from the materials and advice provided by RA-ELCO.

One can only hope that this phoenix can rise from the ashes. The world of electronics in Salt Lake will not be the same without this family-run business that meant so much to so many. I have no doubt that the community will come to the aid if there is the slightest sign that this business can be relaunched. RA-ELCO built up an amazing fan base of supporters. It is now time to give back to the business that gave so many of us the joy of electronics. May the Force be with you, RA-ELCO.

Brent Larsen, Millcreek