What could be more important than making sure state agencies are not violating state law?

A citizens group, CitizensAgainstTheWall.org, has clearly demonstrated that UDOT is not complying with state law and federal regulations by building a 17- to 20-foot-high by 3,225-foot-long noise barrier along I-80 at Jeremy Ranch in Summit County. It will be the largest noise barrier in the state and contrary to the mission of the Summit County general plan for open space and view shed preservation.

UDOT has been unwilling and unable to verify that it is not violating state law. What are they hiding? The governor’s office, while having been contacted multiple times, has been silent.

Citizens and taxpayers of Summit County as well as the entire state of Utah deserve real answers.

With such blatant disregard for truth and transparency, one has to wonder how many other times UDOT has been arbitrary and capricious in not complying with state law. If left unaccountable, who will be next?

UDOT has said the only way to stop the project would be to sue the agency. Why is it citizens cannot get the truth any other way?

Tom Farkas, Park City