Ms. Sagendorf’s self-imposed “diet” from football (“Shame on kneelers,” June 1) must have been a great sacrifice for her. She has the right to protest whatever she thinks is justified. I am confused as to why some people think their cause is more warranted than others. The First Amendment does not say to protest this way only.

Millions of men and women “of color” have fought for their country and their rights; taking a knee is a respectful and peaceful way of protest against social injustice that is happening too often lately. Is Ms. Sagendorf upset at the shootings and beatings of people by police officers who receive only a slap on the wrist? Some shooting victims will never get to exercise their First Amendment rights.

If Ms. Sagendorf had only mentioned Donald Trump’s infamous rant — “fire the sons of bitches” — she might understand the divide in our country. I will pray for her forgiveness.

Mary Jones, Kamas