As a lifelong fan, the worst diet I’ve been on is no football, no football parties and no NFL products, nothing that carries the NFL logo. I love my team and I wish them well, but I love this country more.

It’s a shame the NFL commissioner did not nip this in the bud after the first year. If the average Joe or Jill protested in such a fashion at work, they would soon be looking for a new job. This protest is misplaced on the football field and has brought nothing but more divide in the very country that has had its back since day one. For all she’s done for you, you take a knee against her? Perhaps the disrespect is much deeper than just taking a knee.

Fans go to games to enjoy themselves, and part of the enjoyment for many is standing, putting their hand over their hearts and belting out “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Like him or not, President Trump was right on when he said, “Fire them all.” Please start with Commissioner Goodell. I can only hope the kneelers are praying for forgiveness from the men and women who make it their job to keep the players safe.

God bless America and the Green Bay Packers.

Linda Sagendorf, West Valley City