The article by Robert Gehrke about questions Robert Mueller should ask President Trump was shallow, amateurish and discreditable. Like many of the people who work for The Salt Lake Tribune, Gehrke is a Trump-hater and he along with the others should disclose this before they write any negative articles about our president.

Mr. Gehrke, your article was not at all funny but it was shameful. Your incompetence is pathetic, and you and your paper are again stooping to a new low.

If you want questions asked, why don’t you ask Robert Mueller why, after over a year of investigating, he has yet to come up with a single shred of evidence of collusion? There is either no collusion or your great, honorable Robert Mueller is a bumpkin and the most incompetent investigator ever. They should make a movie about Mueller, titled “The Real Pink Panther.”

A question I have is: Who was the fatuous person who approved Gehrke’s article to be put in the paper?

Tom Kurilich, Salt Lake City